Collection of Mission Testimonies in Nigeria

This is a collection of mission activities carried out in the various unit groups in Nigeria. Each page represents a unit group’s mission project. Please note, most of the facilities do not allow pictures to be taken with the inmates/children.

34. Mission Nigeria 1

In the spirit of Christ’s resurrection, we at St. Rose of Lima unit group, located in Port-harcourt in the southern part of Nigeria, took the joy of Christ to prisoners at the Port-harcourt Maximum Prison.

We had time to pray, preach and advise the inmates, led by our Coordinator Friar Moses Arung. We also shared homemade dishes which we prepared as a group with them, this made them very happy. They expressed joy and gratitude for the gesture, gifts and the time we shared with them.

34. Mission Nigeria 2

Laura Aniectus, Nigeria


34. Mission Nigeria 3

For Young Hearts of St. Albert de Great unit group, Lagos Nigeria, Lent is incomplete without a visit to the orphanage as it provides the opportunity to share the little we have.

We started the day with praying the Divine Office in the community after which we left for the Orphanage. We cleaned the environment for the children and cut the grasses.

Gift items such as toiletries, noodles, detergent and cutlasses were presented to them. We prayed with the kids afterwards.

This was a refreshing experience for us all, because it revealed that little efforts can make alot of difference and increased our awareness of the needs of others in the society. 

34. Mission Nigeria 434. Mission Nigeria 5

34. Mission Nigeria 6

Ogechukwu Eze, Nigeria


34. Mission Nigeria 7

At the School for the Blind Nafric in Lagos Nigeria, we (St. Raymond of Penyaforte unit group) held our charity project.

During our very interesting visit, we were able to meet most of the students. We helped them clean the environment and plaited the hairs of some of the girls there. In the course of the activities, they shared their experiences and talked about how they became blind. 

34. Mission Nigeria 8

We presented gift items including  noodles, tissue paper, detergent and other items, purchased from members donations and Lenten collection. It was a really successful visitation and a wonderful experience for us all.

34. Mission Nigeria 9

Grace Alenora, Nigeria


34. Mission Nigeria 10

Pro Labore Dei Orphanage was the location for our charity at St. Thomas Aquinas unit group Ibadan, western Nigeria.

During our visit, we met with the children, had a spiritual talk on the essential elements of Lent after which we sang and danced with them. It was a time to be happy and share the joy of our oneness in Christ with the little ones.

34. Mission Nigeria 11

Onyeka Diji, Nigeria


34. Mission Nigeria 12

34. Mission Nigeria 1334. Mission Nigeria 14

In northern Nigeria, we members of Blessed Jane of Aza took the message and charity we preach to our Muslim friends at the Gusau Orphanage home. We enjoyed a heartwarming reception and a refreshing time playing and interacting with the children.

We presented gift items, for which they were all very grateful. We were even more grateful for the opportunity to preach via this means since outdoor preaching is restricted in this part of the country. 

34. Mission Nigeria 15

Juliet Francis, Nigeria

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