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International Meeting and Assembly

Njoo Uone

Nairobi, Kenya

July 15-20, 2020

Njoo Uone (Swahili for Come and you will see) is a very signifying verse from the Gospel of John, chapter 1, about John’s disciples following Jesus.  (Jn 1, 35-39). It is in this context, inspired by Come and you will see, that this International Meeting has been planned: in relation to our objective of knowing our Mission. But, what mission? The one we have as Christians, as Dominicans, as Dominican Youth.

It is an open invitation to all IDYM members to come and join as we see and contemplate together about our mission. How we, as part of a big family, are called to be active part of our Movement, our Dominican Family and our Catholic Church worldwide. Come and you will see what our mission is calling us to, how we can be fruitful part of an active International Dominican Youth Movement, and how we are  called to make a difference in our own local groups.


The logo and the visual image of our Meeting and Assembly is very important. It should make us proud of our event, make us feel identified with it, and also let others know “what’s going on” in our gathering.

So, we call a competition, for al IDYM members, to create the logo of our Meeting and Assemby in Kenya next July 2020.

Do you draw or design? You’ve got an idea? Are you ready to participate?


                    Click here for all details of the competition, submission guidelines and dates, etc.

Hurry!!! all candidates must submit proposals before November 24th 2019.

Registration and event details

Comming up very soon! 

Stay tuned!