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DYM Haiti : new commission

DYM Haiti

Last August 24th, DYM Haiti, we had our general assembly with the seven (7) entities from different regions of the country. There were thirty-five (35) delegates from the seven (7) entities. More than forty-five (45) young people were present. There were many points for reflection: presentations of the activities of the entities, evaluation of the former National Committee, redefinition of the role of the National Committee and amendment of the statute of the Movement, according to the statute of IDYM, finally the elections of the new National Committee.

The different members of the new committee with their role are:

Landeau ELSON (Saint-Marc) - Coordinator

Bettie GARCON (Port-au-Prince) - Communication promoter

Budry GEFFRARD (Cap-Haitien) - Formation promoter

Evens VIVIL (Gonaïves) - Mission promoter

Nyrva MULLER (Pignon) - Finance promoter

Sejour EZENARD (Les Cayes) and Dabady YVELT (Jacmel) - Councillors

We thank the members of the previous committee. We are very happy because fr Ignace BERTHOT op. continues as our companion.

The next day, August 25, we were more than sixty (60) MJD youth. We had a feast with the whole Dominican family accompanied by the provincial of the province of Toulouse (France) fr Loïc-Marie Le Bot. Also on that same day, during the celebration of the Eucharist, twenty-three (23) young people made their commitment for the two years and six (6) young people made their final commitment.

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