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Italian Dominican Youth: summer festival

Dominican Youth from Italy

This year the Cristo Re's parish, located in Bolzano, gathered the community during the 10th edition of the end summer festival. Another reason to celebrate was the 25th anniversary since the beginning of the mission of Suor Bianca in Sighetu Romany.

During August the group “Post Cresima” with the members of the group “Giovani” and some adults worked hard to ensured that the festival had a positive response. The four evenings were animated by different musicians, who entertained guests and waiters. Some evenings offered the possibility to eat something out of menù, for example on friday was fish fry and on saturday the Fiorentina steak.

Sunday was a great day because Suor Bianca was coming to visit us for telling her experience in Romany in favour of poor children, on Sunday at lunch the community met for eating together the “casoncelli”, a typical dish from Bergamo with sausages and meat skewer.

The last evening ended with the lottery, which has offered very coveted prizes, like all years. This year the good weather has facilitated the success of the festival, inviting people to spend an evening with family and friends.

As a thank you for the work done, at the end of each feast day, the dinner was offered to the volunteers. Every year the festival represents for us a reason of happiness, satisfactions and meeting place with people, who we never see during the year.

We thank all volunteers, from the joungest, who served at the tables, until the older in the kitchen. We thanks also the community, who has partecipated with joy, appreciating what we did.

Particularly, we thank Fra Giuseppe, who each year makes the festival possible by coordinating the work in the best possible way.

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